Oily & Combination skin

Oily & Combination skin

Looking for the perfect solution to balance out oily or combination skin? Our products have been specially formulated to help control skin’s excess oil production,  leaving your skin radiantly matte and shine free. 

Bright Touch
Arctic Spring Water

Finnish water quality was rated top in the world for environmental sustainability in a joint study by Yale University and Columbia University in 2005. In a UN comparative study for water quality and quantity in 2003, it was again ranked first. Sourced from the wilderness, we collect our Spring Water directly from the springs natural opening in Finnish Lapland. Its deep connection to the Arctic ensures this water is uniquely powerful, with a functional composition that helps to recharge and restore your skin. Skin is up to 80% water after all, and hydration is essential to its good health luminosity and appearance.

Key to the healthy functioning of skin cells, our pure Arctic Water ensures each component can fulfill its role. Optimizing function means that skin is effective as our immune systems first line of defense, supporting a moisturized and healthy appearance.

Have a look at our hydrating Lumene products, where Arctic Spring Water gently rebalances skins natural moisture levels. Youll find the Spring Water across all of our ranges, breathing life into our products and, of course, your skin.

Start your day with this simple routine to unlock the sensation of deep hydration.