For some time a new definition of luxury traveling has been emerging. It is something so rare and exclusive that not many places can offer it to a clientele that has seen it all and who are done with the overcrowded resorts. They are places, where you can experience exceptional silence and calmness. Five star yoga retreats, in tropical surroundings are always a good choice, but they don´t offer a chance to open up thoroughly to the healing power of nature itself, to conquer yourself and enjoy it all in luxurious surroundings. Lapland is the new definition of luxury.

While you enjoy your cup of hot wine, in front of the fire place, in your arctic treehouse in Rovaniemi ( or fall asleep wrapped in your reindeer fur blanket, in your warm glass igloo in Kakslauttanen (, you might not realise it right away, but it is the pace of nature that makes you calm down.

Nature surrounds you from all sides. For an urban person the lack of artificial light or the lack of other people might be quite distressing in the beginning. In the winter the nature is very silent and the thick snow absorbs almost all sounds. But then again, have you heard the wind whistling the snowy tree branches or the ice singing on the lake, as the locals describe it? Even the sounds are soothing and inevitably you will calm down and relax.

You may, however, be woken up in the night in the owling of the wolves or to a bell, alarming outside, when Mother Earth gives her most fabulous show in the night sky, the Aurora Borealis.  The indigenous Sami people believed that it was the “fire fox” lashing the snow blanket, creating sparks to the sky, but the Asians believe that it is the most fertile time to conceive a child and that is why the personnel rattles the bell.

If you can detach yourself from the deep relaxation mode, there is an adventure waiting for you. Keep in mind that you are in the middle of a wilderness. It is the last frontier of Europe. Challenge yourself and awaken something very Nordic, or more precisely, Finnish, in you. It is called “Sisu”. It is the core of endurance and success. Even when the odds are against you, you just keep going, being fearless and headstrong.

Take a snowmobile safari and drive tens of kilometres, in the snow desert, to the border of Russia, a midnight hike in snowshoes to watch the Northern Lights, catch your fish of the day by ice-fishing it or even better, go ice-swimming in a lake that is so pure that even the thought of it cleanses your body. ( The combination of the “Sisu” and relaxation practice is not only the core of the new luxury, but also amazingly empowering!

The demand of calmness and silence is on an huge rise. The App of the year on AppStore, in 2017 was the Calm application ( In our busy lives apps are “life saviours”, but it is only by living it, that makes the experience of calmness more lasting. Lapland is one of the last hidden pearls, where letting go doesn´t depend entirely of your own willingness. The nature will take care of it for you. Yes, it is cold and harsh, but as the wise people say: “It is not the mountain you conquer, it´s yourself”.


This article is a part of "Kittys corner" series written by Helena "Kitty" Ihamuotila. Kitty is a Finland-based writer and creative who has worked in the fields of lifestyle, fashion, culture and arts. With Kitty we'll deep dive to Finnish culture and habits, as well as lifestyle and beauty.

Photo credit: Alexandra Alholm