Loved by our customers and beauty influencers, our innovative, award-winning Invisible Illumination range is expanding. In what order should you use Invisible Illumination products? What is an Instant Illuminizer? How do you apply it? Lumene Nordic Beauty Ambassador Mariela Sarkima answers frequently asked questions and shares her tips on how to use the Invisible Illumination range.


1) How to apply Invisible Illumination products?

”All Invisible Illumination products can be applied with fingertips, make-up sponges or foundation brushes. Feel free to choose your favorite!”

Invisible Illumination Instant Glow Beauty Serum

"Instant Glow Beauty Serum is easy to apply with fingertips. I usually apply it with fingertips almost without exception. However, if I want to build up coverage a damp make-up sponge is my favorite. All techniques work perfectly since the Beauty Serum is liquid and spreads easily and evenly. "

Invisible Illumination Instant Illuminizer

”Invisible Illumination Instant Illuminizer gives your complexion a gorgeous glow that’s easy to build up by applying with fingertips or a foundation brush. Remember to blend the highlighter to make the result fresh and natural.”

Invisible Illumination Watercolor Bronzer

”When you want to give a light and natural ’Non-Toured’ effect to your complexion, apply with an angled face brush. When you want a warm, sun-kissed glow apply with fingertips."

Invisible Illumination Watercolor Blush 

 "I usually apply the Watercolor Blush with fingertips. When needed, I fade the edges of the blush with a soft blush brush."


2) Is the Beauty Serum hydrating enough to be used without day cream?

”The Instant Glow Beauty Serum is primarily a make-up product even though it contains Pure Arctic Spring Water and Antioxidant-rich Arctic Cloudberry that hydrates skin. The most important thing for your skin is hydration and protection with the right skincare ritual. Lumene Lähde, Valo and Sisu ranges provide skincare products for all skin types. They help you to take care of your skin throughout the year." 


3)  Do you use powder on top of Beauty Serum?

"The best feature of the Beauty Serum is the natural glow it gives and how light it feels on skin. Despite of the light, liquid texture it settles to skin and stays beautiful throughout the day. However, if you know your skin is prone to shine you can finish your ritual with a touch of Nordic Chic Loose Powder especially to the T-area of face. Too much powder dims the beautiful glow that the Beauty Serum gives."


4) When do you apply Instant Illuminizer?

”I usually apply Instant Illuminizer after Beauty Serum when the beautiful glow is highlighted. If you want even a lighter glow, apply a few dots of Instant Illuminizer before Beauty Serum. You can play around with the product, and apply even of top of powder. The liquid Illuminizer has a very light and easy to apply texture that doesn’t mess up your make-up base." 


5) Can Instant Illuminizer be used to entire face?

”Instant Illuminizer products are designed to create an instantly luminous complexion with a lightweight texture.  Dot and blend evenly on to cheek and brow bones with your fingers, an applicator or a sponge. Instant Illuminizer can also be used on eyelids and the inner corner of the eyelid. If you want a glowing result, mix a few drops of Instant Illuminizer to your foundation.”


6) How should Watercolor Blush be used?

”Watercolor Blush is easy to apply with fingertips. You can easily fade the lines of the blush and make them softer with a clean blush brush. Use the palm of your hand as a “makeup artist palette” when applying Watercolor Blush. Dispense a few drops into the palm of your hand. Start by applying a small amount of Watercolor Blush to the apple of your cheeks and the upper corner with your fingers, an applicator or a sponge for an instant and perfectly natural touch of color. You can easily find the right spot by smiling when the apple of your cheeks is highlighted. Blend and fade towards cheekbones with a blush brush of fingertips. If you’re in the mood for some more blush, add another layer!"


Quick fix for too much blush

”Simply blend with a damp make-up sponge to dilute the color”

Blush for tanned skin and darker skin tones

”When your skin gets tanned during summer, your blush shade needs a bit more color as well. The perfect choice for sunkissed skin and darker skin tones is Watercolor Blush shade Coral Blossom”

7) How to use Watercolor Bronzer

”The Watercolor Bronzer is a multipurpose product with an idea of providing a sunkissed and warm tone to makeup. You can use the Watercolor Bronzer on its own for a natural healthy tanned look or a natural contouring effect, or as shading drops to give your foundation a warm, bronzed tone.”


Mariela´s Invisible Illumination ritual: 

  1. Instant Glow Beauty Serum as a base, including eyelids

  2. Nordic Light Serum Concealer to fade dark circles and zones

  3. Instant Illuminizer to cheek and brown bones, bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow (+inner corner of the eyelid)

  4. Instant Watercolor Bronzer next to the hairline of forehead, cheek bones and under the chinbone

  5. Watercolor Blush to the center of cheeks, fade gently to cheekbones.

  6. Nordic Light Lip Perfector Balm 


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