Quite so often, Nordic women are praised for their youthful and fresh looks, along with assumptions, such as:  “It must be the freezing air that keeps the complexion so tight” or “It must be the clean air that keeps the skin so smooth” and of course the obvious “It must be the healthy food that keeps the skin so bright”.

Wrong and right.  As far as the weather conditions go, one would think that the harsh cold winds and months of darkness would do the opposite to our looks. On the other hand, our diet consists of everything from berries to fish but also from beer to hamburgers. As everywhere else in the world, the Nordic women come in all sizes and colours, so not even genetics can describe a typical Nordic woman.

So what is it that makes a Nordic woman Nordic? It must be something in our characteristics. In order to survive in the North we have become strong, calm, brave and not afraid of hard work. In order to make our community better we have become loyal, patient and sacrifying. In order to stand up for our rights, we have become stubborn, vital and even hardened. Small things make us happier than trying to reach for the stars.

The way we see the world, think and act in life really makes a huge difference in our wellbeing and it reflects everywhere and in everything we do, more than any treatment, food or product we use. In this hectic world of ours, the  Nordics don´t practice conscious wellness activities on a regular basis, because there is a certain kind of day-to-day mindfulness that follows us through life and that comes from our deep connection with the nature. A walk in the forest is our yoga and the sound of the cracking wood in the fire or the sound of the hissing water on a sauna stove is our meditation.

These characteristics, that are very universal indeed, but which are, due to the geographical and historical reasons, condensed in the Nordic mindset, only explain partly the “anatomy” of the Nordic woman. Because being a woman in this world still remains a beautiful mystery and makes each and every one of us so unique.

This article is a part of "Kittys corner" series written by Helena "Kitty" Ihamuotila. Kitty is a Finland-based writer and creative who has worked in the fields of lifestyle, fashion, culture and arts. With Kitty we'll deep dive to Finnish culture and habits, as well as lifestyle and beauty.

Photo credit: Alexandra Alholm