Cleanser / exfoliator

Cleanser / exfoliator

Removing makeup and cleansing your face is an essential part of your skin care routine to keep your complexion fresh, clear and radiant. With our exfoliators, you help skin to get rid of any unevenness with a weekly, or bi-weekly scrub to unveil a beautifully radiant and glowing complexion. 

Glow Reveal
Bright Touch
Arctic & Nordic Cloudberry

You’ll find the cloudberry in the Nordic marshes and wet meadows, growing in damp and freezing conditions. In thesummer it prospers in the 24-hr sunlight, while maintaining the resilience to last out dark, perishing winters. These harmonious qualities mean the cloudberry is supremely powerful, with a unique composition that can be harnessed to give enlightening benefits to your skin.

The cloudberry is the most nutritious of the wild berries. Consuming just 75g covers 100% of your recommended intake of vitamin C, an ingredient we use in our skincare to revivify and brighten your skin’s appearance.

Our seed oil is laden with omega-6 and omega-3, fatty acids that have proven time and time again to be essential for healthylooking skin. Its high concentration of vitamin E gently enriches and restores skin, leaving you with a soft, fresh canvas.​

We cherish our cloudberries and use four extracts in our products, each with brightening properties that work in their unique way to illuminate your skin. All our berries aresustainably sourced and expertly refined in the lab to give you skincare that beautifully reflects the power of the Arctic light. For reinvigorated skin with a natural glow.

Have a look at our Lumene products, where the cloudberry shines bright, bringing out your skin’s true radiance.

Sensitive Touch

Start your day with this simple routine to unlock the sensation of deep hydration.