We originate in Finland – in the North, where wild, pure Nature consists of a vast, untouched and protected sanctuary, where the air is incredibly clean and where the elements are at their most distressing. With decades of experience in caring for skin exposed to the harshest temperatures and light extremes, we understand skincare like no-one else and have developed a unique approach to harness and refine the powers of the Nordic nature in all our products.

Nordic Cotton Grass

Nordic Cotton grows in extreme circumstances of Nordic nature. It moisturizes and helps to nourish the skin gently.

Nordic Cotton extract is obtained from the flowers and stems of the cottons edge.

To survive in tough conditions, this plant synthesizes active ingredients such as sugars, polyphenols and minerals, which protect the plant and boost its resistance to the elements. Sugars moisturize, polyphenols protect and minerals nourish the skin and are essential for skin-wellbeing. As a plant, Nordic Cotton is already very soft and on the other hand very strong and resilient.

Experience the beautiful benefits of the Nordic cotton in our products, and take back your skin with the help of the Arctic.