Sensitive & Dry skin

Sensitive & Dry skin

At Lumene we know Sensitive and dry skin needs extra attention. Our skincare calms skin and sooths redness and signs of stress – for everyday use or for more specific skin concerns.

Nordic Birch Sap

Birch Sap has been used in Finnish folk remedies for centuries,treating everything from skin diseases to rheumatism. Drilling a hole in the tree’s trunk allows it to flow out, and is the enduring method of collection. It must be harvested in early spring before any green leaves appear, and the narrow time frame adds an elusive element to this precious ingredient.

From sap to leaves, the whole birch tree was traditionally used in skin remedies for its natural healing and nourishing qualities. Our Birch Sap contains hydrating sugars, natural humectants that keep moisture locked in and your skin looking energized and fresh. Birch Sap is especially good for recharging dry skin, leaving it toned, smoother and visible younger-looking.

As with all our Nordic ingredients, sustainability is at the heart of what we do. Current practice is not to tap a tree for more than two consecutive years, so it can rest. This makes tapping harmless to the tree, and enables it to continue to produce Sap that is transparent in color. Just like it’s supposed to be. Have a look at our Lumene products, where the Birch Sap works its magic in deeply hydrating moisturizers and masks.

Replenish your skins moisture whilst you sleep with this intense recovery ritual, the three step combination works to rebalance and restore moisture levels overnight to lock in wonderfully smooth skin.