Festive Radiance

As winter closes in and the festive season nears we Finns like to huddle down and celebrate late into the night - good for the soul but not for the skin. Long nights spent inside means the lack of light can leave skin dull and washed out. At Lumene we have a few ideas to renew lost radiance. 

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Lähde Morning Ritual

Start your day with this simple routine to unlock the sensation of deep hydration. 

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The Best-Kept Secret to Glowing, Hydrated Skin

It’s no secret that staying hydrated is an essential part of your overall health, but it’s also the key to plump and youthful skin. LÄHDE range supercharges your skin with moisture by combining the sources of ideal hydration, pure Arctic Spring Water and hydrating, mineral-rich, natural Nordic Birch Sap. Watch the video, where New Beauty editor Julia Rae tells you about the benefits of staying hydrated.

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Let your natural radiance shine with this intensely brightening morning ritual, combine four powerful steps for brighter healthy-looking skin with a radiant glow that lasts throughout the day.

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Replenish your skins moisture whilst you sleep with this intense recovery ritual, the three step combination works to rebalance and restore moisture levels overnight to lock in wonderfully smooth skin. 

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Indulge your skin and rejuvenate the appearance of your radiance with the four step Valo ritual. Let the combination of Arctic nature bring an overnight boost that restores brightness to even the d...

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