The Art of Skincare Layering

Our skin is the body’s largest organ. Its broad range of skin viscosities and textures mean varying requirements; fundamentally one moisturizer won’t fulfil all of your skin’s needs.

Layering skincare products allows you to spot treat where necessary while offering essential Vitamins and hydration to the entire skin. Spring time, with great weather changes is the optimal time to master this up and coming trend.

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Lähde Morning Ritual

Start your day with this simple routine to unlock the sensation of deep hydration. 

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Demystifying the mist

Facial mists have increasingly become part of many women’s daily skincare regimes. Why? First and foremost a mist instantly hydrates and refreshes the skin when used throughout the day. When used before serum and moisturiser after cleansing, a mist will help to effectively prepare the skin for optimal absorption, helping your serum and moisturizer to work more efficiently.

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Winter Hydration

The extreme temperature shifts during the winter months can be harsh on the skin. Protect, nurture and hydrate with our nourishing skincare regime packed with Pure Arctic Spring Water and Birch Sap for healthy-looking skin in all seasons…

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Replenish your skins moisture whilst you sleep with this intense recovery ritual, the three step combination works to rebalance and restore moisture levels overnight to lock in wonderfully smooth skin. 

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Urban Defence

Your skin is under constant attack. Pollution, environment and stress all can take their toll on your skin. Our SISU Urban Antidotes range combines the hydrating power of Pure Arctic Spring Water with Antioxidant-rich Pine Bark and Spruce Knot extract to help purify your skin, lock in moisture and shield your beauty against external elements.

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Festive Radiance

As winter closes in and the festive season nears we Finns like to huddle down and celebrate late into the night - good for the soul but not for the skin. Long nights spent inside means the lack of light can leave skin dull and washed out. At Lumene we have a few ideas to renew lost radiance. 

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Let your natural radiance shine with this intensely brightening morning ritual, combine four powerful steps for brighter healthy-looking skin with a radiant glow that lasts throughout the day.

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Indulge your skin and rejuvenate the appearance of your radiance with the four step Valo ritual. Let the combination of Arctic nature bring an overnight boost that restores brightness to even the d...

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