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Find strength in the sensitive – how to care for your sensitive skin

Find strength in the sensitive – how to care for your sensitive skin
Find strength in the sensitive – how to care for your sensitive skin

Does your skin feel irritated and dry? Do you suffer from redness?

Then you might benefit from skincare products specifically designed for sensitive skin. Our Nordic Sensitive [Herkkä] skincare collection helps soothe, moisturise and protect sensitive skin as well as strengthen its natural barrier function. Discover how to care for your sensitive skin.

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Sensitive skin can easily become irritated, and it may react strongly to external factors such as changes in temperature, UV radiation, cosmetics or even clothes touching the skin. All of these causing the skin to feel dry and tight, with redness. Sensitive skin however is not a skin type, and any skin type can become sensitive due to various reasons.

Nordic Sensitive [Herkkä] skincare collection has been developed specifically for sensitive skin, in collaboration with the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation. The products help soothe and hydrate skin, plus strengthen skins microbiome for all year-round support. This sensitive skin skincare collection has 5 products, all of which are fragrance-free and vegan.

3 ways to strengthen sensitive skin

1. Moisturize

Sensitive skin often lacks ceramides, which are fatty acids that help maintain the skins moisture balance and healthy appearance. This can result in dry and tight feeling on the skin and even lead to premature lines and wrinkles.

Our Nordic Sensitive [Herkkä] products contain Nordic Oat Ceramides that strengthen the barrier function. The naturally sourced oat extract contains ceramides AP, NP and EOP which are identical to the ceramides found in skin. Our oat extract is made from sustainable Nordic Oat crops and as a food industry side stream.

2. Soothe skin

Don’t shy away from skincare even if you have sensitive skin! Instead choose products that fit the specific needs of sensitive skin. Sensitive skin needs gentle care in the form of cleansing, hydrating and protecting. The soothing and hydrating ingredients help to relieve discomfort and redness. Fragrance can also irritate sensitive skin so it’s a safe choice to go with fragrance-free options.

The fragrance-free Nordic Sensitive [Herkkä] products contain soothing and nurturing Nordic Bilberry. Bilberry seed oil is a natural source of vitamin E, and it nurtures and replenishes the skin. The seed oil is sustainably produced from Finnish wild bilberries: extracted from bilberry seeds, which are a side stream of Finnish food

3. Strengthen skin barrier

Sensitive skin natural barrier function, or microbiome, can be unbalanced which means the skin cannot as effectively defend itself against external factors.

Our Nordic Sensitive [Herkkä] skincare products contain Nordic Oat Xylitol that has prebiotic properties. Prebiotics balance the microbiota, or bacterial flora, of the skin by promoting the growth of bacteria that are important for the well-being of skin. Balanced microbiome ensures the best possibilities for skin to look healthy.

Oat xylitol is a Finnish innovation. The new manufacturing technology enables xylitol production from oat hulls, which are sustainably sourced as a side stream from Finnish food industry.

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